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Tara van Gasten

Passionate about diversifying the curriculum so that it is inclusive of African culture.

Tara studied English and Drama at Royal Holloway University of London and holds a master’s in education from the CASS School of Education, University of East London. For her Master thesis she looked at pedagogical practices in supporting students who speak English as an additional language and its links to leadership. From this moment onward, inclusion and diversity would be at the forefront of her educational endeavours. Tara has over 10 years teaching experience having taught in both British and International schools both in the United Kingdom and in the Netherlands. Since 2018 she has pioneered various theatre projects and initiatives to support inclusion and encourage diversity in Amsterdam through her Performing Arts Education company ONELDN.

Working with the African school will help Tara to fulfil her primary objective, which is to diversify the International curriculum and broaden the perspectives of young people.