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Ismail Laghmiri

Characteristic: Social entrepreneur, loyal and love for people.

In the past years we have been struck with so much information. What is a fact and what is fiction? You can learn by doing or becoming actively involved in an organization. I have watched various documentaries on Africa, what I learned is that what we were taught in school is just a fraction. The African School is a true knowledge hub. With experts from various nations, who provide masterclasses on the continent and classes on the action learning method. The African dialogue tables are a great success, we bridge gaps and bring cultures together. Sometimes issues occur because of ignorance, or not being open to explore other cultures. The narrative on Africa is finally changing, but there are a lot of steps to take. There is a lot of work to do, we humans need to reflect on all patterns of the past. And be critical on the fundament that we are laying for future generations.