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To capture the arose and risen person

“ The Afrikan/African or friend of Africa who is rising (on a quest to thrive and not only survive) in mind- better thoughts, in food- better diet, in education-better education and engaging with a deeper understanding of intersections in history and culture while taking their rightful position even when all else seems to be on a different tangent such as Black lives matter movement, Covid-19, women issues, the economy etc.”
- Sauti Ya Afrika, 2021

Sauti Ya Afrika Magazine

Sauti Ya Afrika is a magazine published by the International African School and Business Academy.

Sauti Ya Afrika Magazine is out three times a year in:

Spring      – March Issue

Summer  – July Issue

Winter      – December Issue


The magazine covers various outlooks on African, the black diaspora and friends of Africa.

Some of the topics we feature are :

  • News, community and business of our people.
  • Art, fashion, culture and traditions.
  • Parenting, education and history.
  • Health and The African Kitchen
  • Main cover story features and a variety of columns.
  • Children’s  pull out, ‘Kasauti’- the voice of our children.

Our product leaves no one behind. Whatever your interest we have sought out to keep you informed, educated and entertained.

Our Mission

To educate, inform and share our African culture.


Our Vision 

To be one of the main sources of African cultural and historical information.


More About Our Journey

“Sauti Ya Afrika” means the voice of Africa in swahili. The “K” emphasizes a rebellious nature or a different Africa, young/old, educated, longing to do things in their own way without interference and others dictating the message and its delivery.

It is purely an African culture and history centered magazine dedicated to entertaining and informing in a light way. Political agendas are not encouraged  and family is at the core of its orientation.

This is Made for an audience seeking knowledge, understanding and are hungry for the African culture (way of life).

Karibu. Welcome to our home.

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