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Great Success: KWANZAA a 7 Day Pan African Holiday Celebration Takes off

December 28, 2020


The Hague and Borne, The Netherlands, 25th February 2021 – The International African school and Business Academy (IASBA) is excited to announce the launch of its new magazine titled, “Sauti Ya Afrika-The Voice of The Diaspora” on 27th February 20:00H CET during an online event.

In attendance will be Africans from Africa, Africans living away from the African continent and friends of Africa. “This is the first magazine of its kind here in the Netherlands,” says Trony Ingati, editor-in-chief, Sauti Ya Afrika Magazine. “As for the rest of the world we shall only be complementing numerous sources that exist or are yet to come. Many of the shelves are filled with upbeat material depicting the beauty and lifestyles of celebrities. We want to show African culture and their contributions to history. Our product is the uplifting of society, not just a cute layout. The Afrikan/African and friend of Africa is not only surviving. They are thinking better, eating better, and seeking better information. They desire to engage with their history and culture while still being a relevant member of society,” she said.

Sauti Ya Afrika means the voice, sound or tune of Africa in Swahili. The ‘K’ emphasizes the name of Africa in Kiswahili. The magazine is family-oriented and aims to be a dedicated source of entertainment, information, African culture, and history. The first issue is set for the first week of March and will focus on the theme, Arose and Risen Africa. It will be offered in print version and online. All retail and subscription details are available on the website.

Helga D. Tjon -A -Kon, Co-founder and publisher of Sauti Ya Afrika Magazine says, “The first civilisations were developed by the man of colour and all the civilizations have only built on what he started. This magazine a product of the International African School and Business Academy is one of the goals to bringing into thought the things known about ancient and modern Africa. Its beauty and the things that show that its people are well educated and cultured.” “Finally, we have a space for our voice.

This magazine was produced by three women traversing three continents. Trony, Helga and myself. It gives the ultimate voice we have been waiting for,” said Odilia .O. Anyachi, Founder of the IASBA and publisher of Sauti Ya Afrika Magazine.


The week long virtual conference for celebration of KWANZAA taking place from the 26th of December 2020 to the 1st of January 2021 has commenced with superlative contributions from experts who are leading the discussions from different parts of the world.

KWANZAA is an African American and pan-African holiday which celebrates family, community and culture. It is based on African first harvest celebrations organized around five fundamental kinds of activities which are- Gathering of the people; special reverence for the creator and creation; commemoration of the past; re-commitment to the highest cultural values; and celebration of the Good…. read more