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Big 5 Media Method

The Big 5 Media Method is a practical and approved method by means of which media productions (radio, TV, internet, print, presenting such as public speaking) can be designed step by step. Once a feasible position in relation to the consumer has been determined, we work on getting a clear view of:

  • The goal of the production
  • A clear description of the Target Audience, the development of a ‘Persona’ (archetype),
  • The basic outline of creative brainstorm sessions.
  • Writing a format/structure in a unit to unit mode.
  • Checking and adjusting the previous steps

The method offers a framework that enables producers/storytellers/journalists to be creative without losing their way in all kinds of intrinsic and technical possibilities. This is important, for enthusiastic, although inexperienced program producers may easily lose sight of their goal. The method also introduces a comprehensible, common language that can create mutual understanding and homogeneity within a media organization and/or creative team.

The course can be extended to other areas of program production. This is possible by working together with other trainers who are more involved in the technical and executional side of the production process. Here we can think of studio- and ENG-production, use of light, as well as installing editing-equipment. It is also possible to advise and mediate in the acquisition of equipment. The modules are given in Dutch and in English. Any other language with the assistance of an interpreter is possible also of course.

The Modules

The entire course consists of three modules that form a unity together. The basic course is given separately as well.

The three modules of The Big 5 Media Method are:

  1. Goals in Program Development (basis).
  2. Creativity Applied.
  3. Evaluation, a must if you want to move on previous three modules from the course and have demonstrated that to have sufficient capacities, are trained to teach The Big 5 Media themselves.

This is of special importance for personal development, independence of producers and organizations, but also extremely useful in those areas and countries which are difficult to contact due to political reticence and instability.

In 2019 three more trainings where developed.

  1. Storytelling advanced
  2. Cinematography
  3. Pitching to market

The Big 5 Method can also be delivered as a one day motivational and crush course.This can inspire and help students, program makers, grass root participants and even managers and CEO’s to communicate in a more effective way.